Company: MA Fox Enterprises

Product Description:

Grab-A-Card? is a weather-resistant outdoor business card dispenser. It is molded in Lexan for durability and strength is UV resistant and has a spring loaded lid. Grab-A-Card? holds up to 50 business cards with a slot to hold the front card forward in the display position. It can easily be attached to just about anything! It comes with 3-m pressure sensitive tape for attaching to glass or painted surfaces. (Will not harm paint) The detachable base plate also has holes in place to attach by nails or screws if needed. Grab-A-Card? was invented to help bring together the business owner and customer. Attached to your service vehicle, storefront or any sign makes it possible for the customer to read your sign, grab-a-card and take you home. The chances of that person making contact with you and your company is highly increased. More calls, more sales!

Interesting Tidbits:

In the product designer's first month after making Grab-A-Card? and displaying it on his own service vehicle, he received a call that turned into a $3,000 job for his company. Thanks to Grab-A-Card?, the customer never even opened the phone book!


Sold At: and some Sign-A-Rama sign shops

Retail Price: $10 - $12

Media Contact: Melody Fox, Mark Fox


Address: 4360 E Main St. # 236

City: Ventura

State: CA

Zip: 93003

Phone: 1-888-817-1497

Fax: 1-805-650-4813



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