Stroller Stretcher

Company: Berkeley Baby Products

Product Description:

The Stroller Stretcher solves many of the problems inherent in stroller operation. It is height adjustable allowing comfortable stroller operation by parents of any height. The Stroller Stretcher creates distance between your feet and the rear wheels of the stroller. So, you can stand up straight and take normal strides without kicking the rear wheels of the stroller or stepping on the brakes.

Interesting Tidbits:

Invented by a new stay-at-home dad who found it impossoible to negotiate the sidewalks of San Francisco with a standard stroller. The baby never seemed to sleep, which made constant coffee consumption a neccessity. That prompted the need for a one-handed stroller.


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Retail Price: $14.95

Media Contact: Erick Monrad


Address: Berkeley

City: Berkeley

State: CA

Zip: 94704

Phone: 510-435-9424

Fax: 510-435-9424



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