BurpieBlocker? Baby Burp Cloth

Company: Baby Admin Designs

Product Description:

The BurpieBlocker? turns an ordinary baby accessory into an extraordinary item by adding a convenient and comfortable strap to hold it in place while caring for baby. Perfect for busy working moms who need to protect their work clothes each morning from spit up or other messes, but simply can?t hold the burp cloth in place while holding the baby, the briefcase, laptop, lunchbox and breastpump! Moms of multiples (twins, triplets) who need an extra hand also adore the functionality and ease of BurpieBlocker?.

This ?Hands Free? device for burping babies is sure to become the next "it" baby shower gift and a must-have item for all moms due to its unique features, chic design, and soft, cozy fabrics. Great for experienced and new moms alike, the BurpieBlocker? makes a fantastic gift along with luxe coordinating receiving blankets!

BurpieBlocker? Features & Specs Include:

? Variety of girl, boy and gender neutral choices
? Elasticized neck strap
? 100% cotton fabric
? Hourglass shape
? Velcro? strap closure
? Designer fabric
? Machine washable
? Patent pending design
? 19? x 12.5? at widest part
? Strap measures approximately 18? in total length (two 9? straps with Velcro? closure)
? 100% cotton base cloth with 100% cotton poplin (Hibiscus collection) or flannel (Sugar & Spice and Beep Beep collections). Trim is 100% cotton poplin

BurpieBlocker? Receiving Blanket Product Specs Include:
? 30? square
? 100% cotton white interlock fabric with 100% cotton poplin trim

Website: www.burpieblocker.com

Sold At: www.BurpieBlocker.com

Retail Price: $15 each or $25 per pair / Enter BPMG10 at check out for 10% discount on all orders

Media Contact: Annika Chase

Email: info@burpieblocker.com


City: Costa Mesa

State: CA

Zip: 92627

Phone: 949-212-0662




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Clip ?N? Feed

Company: Lancaster's

Product Description:

With more and more mothers nursing their babies, Clip ?N? Feed nursing covers and blankets were developed as a fashionable way to protect Mom from public view while allowing her to make direct eye contact with her precious little one.

Cut generously to flatter all sizes, Clip ?N? Feed nursing covers are made from 100% cotton and are offered in fun, fresh designs such as Surf's Up, Hot Dots, Bright Lights, and Photo Chic. Eco-friendly and organic covers are also available. Made of luxuriously soft 100% polyester fleece for the cooler months, Clip 'N' Feed blankets come in a variety of colors and trims, such as Root Beer Float, Northern Lights, Bubble Bath, and Disco Razzmatazz.

The innovative features of the Clip ?N? Feed nursing covers and blankets include:

? Matching straps & an accessible pocket for baby items.
? Neckline has been cut to allow direct eye contact with baby.
? Neck strap and detachable custom plastic clips attach to mother?s clothing, stroller, carrier or car seat to shade baby.
? Stroller Straps to tie down to strollers.
? Machine washable.
? Proudly made in the USA.
? Patent Pending

Website: www.clipnfeed.com

Sold At: www.clipnfeed.com

Retail Price: Covers: $35 and Blankets: $42

Media Contact: Neil Grunig & Kimberly Lancaster

Email: info@clipnfeed.com

Address: 11811 Avon Way #1

City: Los Angeles

State: CA

Zip: 90066

Phone: 866-611-2527




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Chic, Ergonomic Baby Carriers

Company: Beco Baby Carrier

Product Description:

Beco Butterfly 2 features include:

? front and back carry
? simple on and off
? newborn to toddler (7-45 lbs)
? removable adjustable infant insert
? removable head rest
? inside panel for easy & safe back carry
? padded waist belt for lumbar support
? padded shoulder straps for comfort
? possibility to nurse baby in the carrier
? pass baby from one parent to another without taking baby out of the carrier
? 100% cotton fabrics
? machine washable
? designed by Mom

Website: www.becobabycarrier.com

Sold At: www.becobabycarrier.com

Retail Price: $139

Media Contact: Gabby Caperon

Email: owner@becobabycarrier.com

Address: 1733 Monrovia Ave. Unit N

City: Costa Mesa

State: CA

Zip: 92627

Phone: 1-888-943-8232

Fax: 949-642-1216



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The Nap Nanny?

Company: The Nap Nanny?

Product Description:

The patented Nap Nanny? uses innovative eco-foam materials that mimic the contours of a car seat, the comfort of a baby blanket and the stability of a mattress, providing your infant the ability to rest peacefully. Both you and your baby will sleep soundly!

Nap Nanny? includes a soft, minky washable cover available in the following four colors: Light Pink, Light Blue, Sage, and Camel.

The many benefits of the Nap Nanny? include:

? Longer Sleep Duration - positions baby at a 30 degree angle, which is recommended by doctors for babies with reflux, gas, or colds and stuffiness.

? Child Security - the innovative foam design cradles your infant while the safety harness holds baby securely and comfortably in place.

? Portable - Weighing a light 3 pounds, the Nap Nanny? is extremely portable and is perfect for traveling. Stores easily.

? Multi-Task - Nap Nanny? is ideal for bottle feeding multiples simultaneously.

Website: www.napnanny.com

Sold At: Specialty stores, or online at www.napnanny.com

Retail Price: $129.99

Media Contact: Leslie Gudel Kemm

Email: lgudel@comcast.net

Address: 531 Winston Way

City: Berwyn

State: PA

Zip: 19312

Phone: 215-470-6965

Fax: 610-296-9499



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Stroller DVD Pouch?

Company: Baby Beehavin?

Product Description:

Baby Beehavin' Stroller DVD Pouch is an absolute must-have stroller accessory. You and your baby will be the envy of parents and babies everywhere! The Stroller DVD Pouch will stimulate and entertain your baby endlessly. This stylish and functional design is compatible with virtually any portable DVD player and is the ultimate addition to your stroller. So, the next time you take your baby shopping, to a restaurant, or anywhere, the Stroller DVD Pouch is all you will need to keep your "Baby Beehavin."

Available in Pink, Blue, and Black. There is even extra room for cell phone, keys, or other small items.

Website: www.babybeehavin.com

Sold At: www.BabyBeehavin.com

Retail Price: $39.99

Media Contact: Heather Prattas

Email: Customerservice@Babybeehavin.com





Phone: 877-239-4937

Fax: 305-865-0981



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FITMOM Workout

Company: FITMOM Inc.

Product Description:

Launched in 2000 by then single mom turned celebrity trainer Andrea Page, FITMOM has grown in leaps and bounds to offer services across Canada, DVDS beginning to retail internationally, and with licenses now available in the USA.

FITMOM prenatal programs avoid the "one size fits all" programs addressing fitness in this stage. Moms to be will be encouraged to get in shape with a 3 point protocol in order of importance. The main objective of FITMOM prenatal programs is to remain strong and healthy for one of the most challenging 9 months of your life! Prenatal classes offered at this stage include: Fitmom 2 B?, Yoga 4 Birth?, and Yoga + Couples Intimacy.

FITMOM Postnatal fitness prioritizes results based fitness by addressing the unique needs of each participant. There is something for every level of fitness as new moms bond with their baby while getting back in shape! FITMOM prenatal programs include: Fitmom + Baby?, Fitparent + Toddler, Fitmom Yoga Dance, FITWOMAN?, Fitmom Stroller Class, Fitmom Bootcamp, Fitmom + Baby Yoga, FITBABY?.

Website: www.fitmomfitness.com

Sold At: DVDS at www.amazon.com or for retailers visit www.urbanbubbles.com

Retail Price: DVDS retail at $19.99, services at $250 - $500, licensing and certification $3500 - $5000

Media Contact: Andrea Page

Email: andrea@fitmomfitness.com

Address: 85 Thorncliffe Park Drive # 2510

City: Toronto

State: ON

Zip: M4H 1L6

Phone: 416-920-5262

Fax: 416-920-8545



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Names That Stick?

Company: Tamarin Group LLC

Product Description:

Names That Stick? brings the baby name search to life! The top 500 names are printed on movable magnets, so parents can shift them around to create favorite name combinations. From Emily to Amaya and Jacob to Jace, there are many of the top choices already printed on the magnets. And for name selections that are not pre-printed, Names That Stick? has included plenty of blank magnets and a permanent pen for personal picks, special family names, and last name.

Each Names That Stick? package contains:

? 500 name magnets (250 each for boys and girls).
? 20 blank magnets
? A Sharpie? pen
? A magnetic tin that can be used for private, or on-the-go name selecting.
? All for only $14.95

Website: www.namesthatstick.com

Sold At: www.namesthatstick.com, amazon.com, & local retailers in the East Bay

Retail Price: $14.95

Media Contact: Julie Ellis

Email: julie_ellis@namesthatstick.com

Address: P.O. Box 1493

City: Alamo

State: CA

Zip: 94507

Phone: 925-820-2905

Fax: 925-820-2905



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Baby Soles?

Company: Little Soles?

Product Description:

Little Soles? Urban Class Footwear for Children? is boldly going where no one has dared go before by bringing a contemporary, urban look to infant and children's shoes in a wide selection of designs, colors, and styles that change with the seasons.

Baby Soles? by Little Soles? are certified and tested for 7 toxic elements, AZO Colorants and Dyes, PFOS and Formaldehyde. Parents can trust that this fashionable Crib Shoe Collection are safe for baby's feet!

Tasteful and distinct, Little Soles? footwear is also available in four very unique collections. Whether you consider the Urban Infants, Classic Infants, Squeaky Shoe, or Children?s Collection, your little one will definitely get noticed! Made of the finest leather and high quality materials in bold, vibrant colors, Little Soles? footwear is available in infant sizes 3-8 with Little Soles? Children?s styles in sizes 9-12.5.

Website: www.littlesoles.ca

Sold At: Found at over 140 stores nationwide in Canada and online at www.littlesoles.ca

Retail Price:

Media Contact: Jessica Jacobs

Email: jessica@littlesoles.ca

Address: 105-150, Crowfoot Cr. NW, Suite #205

City: Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Zip: T3G 3T2

Phone: 403-270-0123

Fax: 403-270-4401



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Hands Free Baby Bottle Holder

Company: Judy's Bottle Holder

Product Description:

Judy's Bottle Holder can help to prevent health problems often associated with bottle propping and improper positional feeding. By encouraging proper positional feeding, Judy's Bottle Holder helps to prevent middle ear infections (otitis media). Ear infections often occur when fluid from the bottle enters an infant's middle ear.

With bottle propping, tooth decay and serious gum disease can also occur because liquids other than water can repeatedly accumulate in a child's mouth for prolonged periods of time. Developing teeth can be severely damaged in this manner. Judy's Bottle Holder helps to eliminate this problem through proper positional feeding.

Available in 5 bright colors: Bright Yellow, Dark Pink, Pale Purple, Sky Blue, and Turquoise. Judy's Bottle Holder makes a fantastic gift!

Website: www.judysbottleholder.com

Sold At: www.judysbottleholder.com

Retail Price: $9.50 plus $5.00 shipping

Media Contact: Judy Roy

Email: jar1174@aol.com

Address: 2222 Ships Crossing

City: Chesapeake

State: VA

Zip: 23323

Phone: 757-606-1093




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CozyCare Cape

Company: Spa Time Baby

Product Description:

The plush CozyCare Cape is cleverly designed to create a relaxing, pampering, and nurturing experience for caregiver and child during bath time. Keeps baby snug and warm while you stay dry! CozyCare products feature designer fabrics, and are a must-have item for any new parent and fashion conscious mom and baby.

CozyCare Cape makes a great choice for that unique baby shower gift! All CozyCare Capes can be monogrammed and are available in several fantastic colors. Machine Washable.

Website: www.spatimebaby.com

Sold At: www.spatimebaby.com

Retail Price: $38.95

Media Contact: Leslie Barile

Email: leslie@spatimebaby.com

Address: 8801 Whispering Oaks Trail

City: New Port Richey

State: FL

Zip: 34654

Phone: 877-772-6667

Fax: 727-255-5153



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Company: Born Free, Inc.

Product Description:

The entire BornFree? range is 100% free of Bisphenol-A (BPA), a suspected hormone-disrupting chemical used in polycarbonate plastics. The BornFree? Feeding system which is also free of Phthalates and PVC, has interchangeable parts and is designed to accompany babies and children from newborn to 3 years old.

Featuring a revolutionary venting system that minimizes vacuum and helps reduce the symptoms of colic and middle ear infection, BornFree? manufactures baby bottles, cups, nipples, pacifiers, teethers, containers, accessories and more. BornFree? has selected only safe materials to create its baby feeding system, and has worked with leading scientists, parents, and children advocacy groups to supply a smart and safe product alternative for parents.

Website: www.newbornfree.com

Sold At: Babies R US, Target, CVS, Whole Foods Markets, www.newbornfree.com, amazon.com, Diapers.com, DrugStore.com, & many other websites as well as independent retailers

Retail Price: Range from $6.99 - $49.99

Media Contact: Ron Vigdor & Carole Lewandowski

Email: ron@newbornfree.com / carole@newbornfree.com

Address: 2263 North West Boca Raton Blvd. Suite 202

City: Boca Raton

State: FL

Zip: 33431

Phone: 877-999-2676

Fax: 561-347-8114



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Company: Abiie, LLC

Product Description:

The BabyDeck? Stroller gives parents freedom and peace of mind by offering a sanitary, convenient place to change their change their baby's diaper directly from the seat of their stroller. No more waiting lines for the use of a public restroom's dirty changing table! After the diaper has been changed, the changing table?s waterproof material can be cleaned quickly and efficiently with antibacterial wipes. Folded up, the table hides neatly in the seat compartment. BabyDeck? is designed with child safety as its highest priority and complies with US ASTM standards. The seat is designed with secure locking capabilities, and any time the seat does not properly lock when folded back, the baby?s weight will press it to fully-locked mode. The BabyDeck? stroller also features a ?safety bump,? which prevents the seat from folding out unintentionally. The BabyDeck?'s components can be applied to any existing stroller model, so that no re-design to the shape of the stroller is required.

The benefits of using the BabyDeck? stroller include:

? Convenience. No more frantic searching for appropriate places to change baby?s diaper. No more carrying changing pads in already overstuffed baby bags or placing dirty changing pads inside bags with baby?s other items.
? Security. No longer experiencing unpleasant emotions related to changing a diaper in a public restroom meant for the opposite sex of baby?s.
? Health. No more changing baby?s diaper in unsanitary and odd locations such as public floors, benches, dirty restroom changing tables, restaurant chairs or tables, or car seats.

Website: www.mybabydeck.com

Sold At: www.abiie.com

Retail Price: $199.99

Media Contact: Kenneth Chuah

Email: kchuah@abiie.com, kchuah@mybabydeck.com

Address: P.O. Box 90116

City: Austin

State: TX

Zip: 78709

Phone: 512-514-6325

Fax: 512-280-8493



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Chic Diaper Bags

Company: Chouette by Cosette

Product Description:

Each fun & trendy style comes in at least 2 bright combination prints and has a total of 9 pockets, inside and out. The changing mats are lined with 1/4" thick foam making it comfortable for baby. Choose from 3 styles, "Penelope," "Olivie," and "Marcelle" in 7 different print combinations!

All outside fabric on the diaper bags are made from a linen-cotton blend of the highest quality, but laminated with a clear matte vinyl for an easy, wipe-off clean. The inside lining is made from white or beige waterproof nylon to protect from spills or messes!

Style "Olivie" includes a special feature - a clear, vinyl picture frame on the inside flap allowing for two 4x6 photos to fit in vertically.

Website: www.chouettebycosette.com

Sold At: www.chouettebycosette.com

Retail Price: $125 - $165

Media Contact: Cosette Giles

Email: ChouetteCosette@gmail.com

Address: 20525 Via Lerida

City: Yorba Linda

State: CA

Zip: 92887

Phone: 714-777-0818

Fax: 714-777-0470



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